To date, we have raised $20, 963.80 for charity. Thank you!

You're suspicious that we're going to pocket your money. Honestly, good. There's a lot of shitty people out there.

We aren't shitty though, and we promise that 100% of the profits from this project will go to supporting Ukraine. We have donated $17 963.80 to Save the Children, a well-respected and transparent organization that has been operating in Ukraine since 2014.  For children displaced and otherwise affected by the conflict, they provide access to education, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support, as well as cash grants for families to meet basic needs for food, shelter, and medicine. Learn more about Save the Children's work in Ukraine, or donate directly, here.

We have so far contributed a further $3000 to the Red Cross.

To maximize the transparency of this project, we will regularly post documentation of the amount of income raised from the sale of the book, as well as receipts of donation for the same amount, to this page. We have just launched, so please check back later to keep track of how much we've managed to raise!

September 15, 2022 Update

December 11, 2022 Update

December 2023 Update

Given the tumultuous nature of this conflict, we didn't want to fully commit to donating to a single organization. Save the Children is a great charity, but there are many great charities. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine evolves, and this project (hopefully!) snowballs, we may diversify to donating to other organizations as well. Rest-assured, all of it will be documented on this page.

If you're still unsure about us, but want to help out, we encourage you to do some research, and find a charity that most resonates with you. You can find some suggestions here.