Where will the money be donated?

All profits from the sales of this book will be donated to charities that are actively making efforts in support of Ukraine. Charities are registered with the Canadian government (where we are based) to ensure that they are legit, and for tax purposes. We are currently donating all proceeds to Save the Children. For more information, see our Transparency page.


How do I know you're not just pocketing the money?

Great question, you're right to be suspicious. People suck. You can see exactly what we're doing with the money on our Transparency page. We will upload a document regularly with the sales information (aka, how much money the book as made), and a donation receipt to a relevant charity. 


How much of the money I'm spending is actually being donated?

The hardcover books are printed-on-demand, and the cost of printing will vary somewhat based on the volume of orders and the location of the print-on-demand fulfillment. You can expect that 40-50% of the original price will end up being donated. For digital copies, 100% of what you pay will be donated.


How much is shipping?

The book printing is fulfilled in 13 different countries, through our drop-shipping partner at Gelato. As such, the price of shipping varies significantly, based on where you live relative to the nearest fulfillment facility, and which delivery services Gelato has partnered with in your area. Shipping will be calculated at checkout before you confirm your purchase. We understand that the shipping can sometimes be expensive, but unfortunately this is the best we could do - if you are interested in supporting the project in a more affordable way, you can always order a digital copy, in which 100% of the sticker price will be donated on your behalf.


What is a digital copy?

The digital copy is simply a PDF file of the book, sent directly to your email address. Since there is no overhead, 100% of what you pay for the digital copy will be donated in support of Ukraine. Effectively, you are directly donating to Ukraine with the added bonus of receiving a badass photo e-book.


Where did the quotes come from?

All quotes in this book are, to the best of our knowledge, real quotes, said by real people. Each quote has been verified either directly from the online source, or through a news agency. The attribution and context of all quotes can be found at the back of the book.


Where did the photos come from?

All photos in this book are the intellectual property of their respective photographers. The usage rights of the photos for the purpose of this charity book were generously donated by each of them. If you would like to get in touch with any contributor, you can find their contact details at the back of the book, or on our Contributors page.


Why don't you have a copy in my language?

Unfortunately, the book editors are just a pair of lame monolinguals. If there is enough demand, we will gladly look into getting translated versions of the book in the future. Please let us know if that's something you are looking for!


Who are you/whose idea was this?

We are a brother-sister team from Canada who, like everyone, have watched events unfold in Eastern Europe feeling useless. We have a lot more time than money, so came up with this book in the hopes of actually being able to fucking do something for once. We reached out to many (mostly Ukrainian) photographers, who generously contributed their work that makes up the book's content. In total, 27 photographers are represented in the book.