Our sincere thanks to the talented photographers who graciously shared their work to make this book possible:


Alexander Tumko

"My name is Alexander and I am from Ukraine. My goal is to show the beauty of my land, my homeland."


Alexey Ponomarev

Alexey is from Kharkov and has been living in Kiev since 2015. He is a photographer with an architectural education. He has been shooting for 12 years, and specializes in art and fashion photography.


Amy Sherman

Amy is a cookbook author, writer and editor. She credits her love of Ukrainian food to her Ashkenazi roots.


Anastasiia Shavshyna 

Anastasiia is a travel and lifestyle photographer from Lviv city, Ukraine.


Arthur Lahoda


Charles Neville/JayWay Travel

"Ukraine is a country dear to our hearts as a company. We had been working hard to bring it to a wider public, sponsoring multiple trips there in 2017 and 2018. We have a Ukrainian colleague who has had to flee the country, leaving her husband behind. We have wonderful partners there who provide excellent day trips, transfers, and accommodation. Our hearts ache for all of them. Our guests always had a wonderful time and were surprised by the warmth of the people and just how delicious the food was. We can’t wait to get back to showing people the magic of Ukraine, once Russia is defeated."


Dikhtenko Volodymyr 


Evgeniy Belan


Ivan Kmit


Kate Ionenko


Kate McCulley

Kate has been teaching women how to travel the world safely since 2010. She has visited 83 countries on all seven continents and counts Ukraine as one of her favorites.


Kirill Tikhov


Liberov Kostiantyn


Maxim Dondyuk

Maxim Dondyuk (b. 1983) is a Ukrainian visual artist working in the field of documentary photography. His practice integrates multiple mediums including photography, video, text, and archival material. Maxim’s works often explore issues relating to history, memory, conflict, and their consequences.

Michael Walk

Michael is a photographer, videographer and musician from Ukraine. In his works he captures conditions and feelings inspired by nature.


Natalja Lusta


Nazar Tymets


Oksana Yermoshenko


Oleksandr Kalinin


Olena Osipov

Olena is an author of an easy, healthy recipes blog. Originally from Ukraine, she now resides on magical Vancouver Island with her family.


Serhii Ryzhkov


Stanislav Silich


Valeriia Sivakova


Wolodymyr Black

Wolodymyr is a landscape and adventure photographer/videographer from Lviv, Ukraine. He has been hiking and photographing the beauty of Ukraine's local nature for more than eight years.


Yevhen Samuchenko

Yevhen is a photographer & visual storyteller based in Ukraine.


🏆 Winner of the biggest World Photo contests, including Travel Photographer of the year.

🏛 Eight museums expos including the London Science Museum.

📰 Published in Nat Geo, CNN, Times, GEO, UNESCO.


Yurii Ukrainets

Yurii is a landscape photographer from Yaremche, Ukraine.


Yusupova Svitlana


Justin Olsvik (Photobook Editor/Compiler)

Justin is an ex-engineer turned freelance journalist and photographer, based between Canada and China. He hates urban sprawl, cherry tomatoes, and homicidal Russian dictators.

Ashley Olsvik (Logistics)